When the 3rd Sunday of Advent becomes ‘Stress Sunday’ instead of ‘Joy Sunday’

3rd Sunday of Advent. Day 11 of 24.
Joy Sunday.

Christmas Day is really close now. We’re already on the 3rd of just 4 Sundays of Advent and then voila, it’s Christmas.
And sadly, I hate to confess, instead of my dominant emotion being joy, I’m mostly feeling stress.
Stress that I don’t have gifts for those I give things to this time of year.
Stress that I give the perfect gift.
Stress that I don’t forget anything or anyone.
The good news I guess is that I’m a lot less stressed than previous years…

Imagine a day when knowledge of being 2 weeks away from celebrating the birth of the Saviour of the world didn’t create anxiety, worry or stress about whether or not all of our Christmas shopping, baking and decorating was done.
Imagine a time when we weren’t jostling in malls for ‘bargains’, fighting in parking lots for good spots, and going into debt in order to try and outdo last year’s purchases.
Imagine a time when corporations weren’t spending millions of dollars on advertising in order to manipulate us into buying their crap at Christmastime.
Imagine a day when our primary emotion on joy Sunday was in fact JOY.

Just imagine!!!

Come Lord Jesus.
Come quickly

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