4 weeks and 3 days in hospital

It’s been four weeks and three days now since I have been admitted to the hospital. And some of those days have been the hardest of my life.
Erinn and I went to a movie four weeks and three days ago. (We went to see the Aretha Franklin movie which as an aside was pretty much awesome in my humble opinion). During the movie I felt kind of sick and when it was over I said to her that I needed to go to the hospital. I assumed that once again I had another UTI. But once I got admitted and everything got tested, the infection had also gotten into my blood. That was when I knew for sure that things were far more serious. I wasn’t recovering the way I usually do with a bladder infection. Those infections just usually takes three or four days before I can bounce back and go home again. But this time I was not recovering whatsoever.
I won’t go into all the gory details here but I will say that the two weeks and two days that I spent at Michael Garron Hospital were the worst weeks of my life. I was completely miserable. These were some dark, dark days. My sister Joy flew here from Newfoundland to be with me during my time in that hospital which did help to ease my suffering a little. But I was still very sick and completely miserable. Things seemed incredibly bleak to me.
But then, at the 11th hour when it seemed like they were simply going to just send me home, The Toronto Grace rehab hospital agreed to take me. When we got that news it was the best thing anyone could have ever told me and Erinn. It was a way forward for us.
The beautiful God thing out of that was we hadn’t even considered Toronto Grace as an option. But my two weeks here have been like night and day compared to the 2+ weeks I spent at the other hospital. The food is better, the nursing care is better, the rooms aren’t 4000°, the wall on my left side is all windows, they have a rooftop garden where I spend much of my time, and I feel like I’m getting some life back into me again.


But they are not going to be able to keep me here forever either. And I’m not well enough to move back home. So I need some place to go. So in the same way that God came through for us in the 11th hour with an answer to prayer that we weren’t even considering, we now need that again. There are one or two options that we are thinking of, but we are hoping that some kind of great surprise option will present itself to us. I know that worrying is not beneficial in anyway, but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t worried about what the next step is for me.
So I guess that is our main prayer request; that someplace near our home that offers 24/7 PSW care would make itself known to us.
That’s not too much to ask right…

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  1. Hi brother. I join you, and countless others, in asking our Lord to bring about that glorious surprise you are longing for. I remind myself that He’s all about grace, all about love, all about miracle. In fact, difficulty is the very atmosphere for miracle. We lean on Him with you, Dion. If it means knocking and knocking, we won’t stop, just as He invites us to ask, seek and knock. With you 100percent of the way. “Lord, please, for your glory, do something grand for my brother”.

  2. Oh this is so tough on all of you in the family! My prayers continue for you, Erinn and Cate. You’ve probably already thought about this or looked into it but have you considered Bridgepoint health center. Not crazy far from your home and it appears like they may have the services you need.
    Wishing you strength for the journey ahead! 💗

  3. Sheilah Mackinnon Drover

    Dion, you are so brave and I admire your optimism and your attitude. I am praying for that miracle that you need to make your life better.
    With great affection, Sheilah

  4. Dion, you are a pioneer! You inspire me to move ahead with my own physical challenges. I pray that you will experience another miracle in the way of a place near your home with 24/7 PSW care.

  5. Dion, man of God, I pray for a breakthrough for you, along with more grace to fight and wait. Thank you for posting your heart – you are God’s beloved! ❤

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