Labyrinth Adventures

Well this morning was quite a start to the day. I did my usual morning routine of the three S’s, with some help from my personal support worker of course (Well actually I didn’t shave but you know…)
Then, because I had a 10 AM Physio appointment across town at the hospital I had stayed in, I flew across town in order to be in time. It turns out I got here 10 minutes early so I checked my email and lo and behold my physiotherapist had called in sick.
So now I’m across town with nothing really to do. Which is a nice problem to have here because it has so many wonderful things that I could just relax and enjoy. So I went to the roof and looked over the city for a while and now I am sitting in the middle of the labyrinth that they have designed. I absolutely love it here.
Today however, instead of focussing on what is relatively normal stuff to think about while doing the labyrinth, I ended up being consumed by all of the cracks and bumps in it due to The way it was installed.

One of the many beauties of the labyrinth is that is quite different than a maze and that there are no roadblocks along the way. Once you begin the path, you take all of the turns and twists until you end up in the center. It’s meant to be a reminder that even though life is very far from a straight line, once you begin, no matter how many corners there are, you end up getting to the centre of it all eventually.
That’s where I am writing from today. The center. In order to get here today, on top of all of the turns and twists, there were bumps. Cracks in the foundation. Ruts along the journey. These were the places I stopped at today on my way to the centre, in order to reflect on my life. It has made me particularly aware today that there have been many bumps along the road that I never could have expected. Like everyone else that has ever lived, I have hit many obstacles that I could never have imagined beforehand.
However, from this perspective of being at the center of the labyrinth, I realize that the bumps and cracks and twists and turns have made me the person I am today.
I’m not perfect.
Far from it (just ask Erinn and Cate:)
But I do think I am a better human being than I would have been otherwise.
And for that, today I am grateful.

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