A New Year’s Resolution

Well I decided during the Christmas season that I’d resurrect this blog site. I last posted something here back in 2010 when I was going through some stuff related to my journey with MS. So this site was mainly dedicated to processing the things I was thinking about as I underwent an experimental surgery called The Liberation Treatment. Rather than go into it too much here, you can just go back and read the older posts for just about any detail that might interest you. Those of you who know me would know that I’m a big fan of the new year’s resolution. Even though I fail miserably at most of them, I find inspiration in at least trying to do things that will improve my life and the lives of those around me. Usually those things revolve around food and weight loss and exercise. (I constantly hate how undisciplined I am with my diet and there’s no one on the planet that could beat me up more than I already do to myself on those things.) But sometimes I throw in some commitments to journaling, praying, reading my Bible, giving away more money, and more of the same kind of stuff. Again, usually I fail miserably at most of those things. Though, I haven’t eaten a french fry since I resolved to not eating those on January 1 2008. So there’s the tiniest glimmer of hope for me yet even though there are still times despite being 5 years clean from fries that I’d almost sacrifice my right arm for just one giant plate of fries and gravy. but I digress… This year I decided to give blogging another go. Does the world need another blog? Most certainly not! Do I find blogging cathartic? Most of the time. So as is the case much of the time in many other areas of my life, I’m going to blog for my own self serving needs. If you want to come along for the ride, I’d love to have you.

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  1. Well I think I might just try and follow your blogging Dion.You see you are doing something that I would like to do and have thought about it many times in my life.(working with the homeless etc)I to have made many resolutions and failed at most but 2 years ago I decided to stop drinking soft drinks and stop eating potatoe chips and I've stuck to it although when I pass those chips in the store my mouth waters. I have made another one this year and maybe down the road I will share it with you.

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