Dion Oxford

miraculous healing?

Well the topic of some sort of Jesus healing for my body as reared it’s ugly head again lately. Three different people from very different spheres of my life have offered to pray for me and my healing. Plus, the lectionary this week was of Jesus casting out demons and healing people just by touching […]

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a tribute to my mom

Today, January 19th 2024, would have been Mom’s 82nd birthday. But sadly she is gone from this world. She has crossed the threshold from life into death. She now knows the answers to the great mysteries of what happens on the other side. I have a strong faith that she would be happy with what,

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the already and the not yet

So with today being the last day of Christmastide, the Advent and Christmas season, I thought about the year that was for me and the thoughts that have dominated my mind through this season. And the epiphany, the manifestation, the light bulb that has gone off in my head, which is not new but very

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A Mourning Phase

I am sitting here in my favourite place in Toronto (Mount Pleasant cemetery), in front of my favourite headstone (Jesus washing Peter‘s feet), having just had my favourite breakfast for lunch at my favourite breakfast joint. It’s a beautiful summer day with blue skies and fluffy clouds, no humidity, sitting under the shade of a

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My Tribute to Rick

There’s been a lot said about Rick since he passed. Hundreds and hundreds of tributes on blogs, tweets and Facebook. And his obituary was beautiful, so I won’t rehash most of that. I’ve just been thinking about some of the many stories we shared over the years. And as I find blogging to be cathartic

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