Bitter-bitters and sweet-sweets (1 of 2)

I often think of life events as bittersweet. But through this virus crisis I’m seeing things as even more bitter or more sweet. The bitters are bitter bitter and the sweets are sweet sweet.
Quite a few people have checked in with me, knowing that I have a compromised immune system, just to see how we are doing In the mist of this COVID-19 crisis. Well I’m not gonna lie, it’s not been the easiest of times for us. Last Wednesday morning I woke up as sick as I can remember being for a long time. We called an ambulance and I went to emerge. That was bitter bitter as the last place anyone wants to be right now is near a hospital. The sweet sweet part of it was that the emerge was virtually empty and so I got into a room right away.
They needed to find out what was wrong with me so hooked me up to an IV fluid drip right away. Then they needed to test me for the virus. Trust me when I say you do not want this test if you can get by without it. They swabbed my nose. But they didn’t go just to the back of my nose. They went so far up my nose that I think they could scrape brain matter off of that swab when they were done:)
Bitter bitter.
A sweet sweet part of this was that a few days later my test ultimately came back negative for having COVID-19 and positive for a urinary tract infection. I have never been so thankful in my life to be diagnosed with a UTI:) Another sweet sweet part of this was that because I had to be in quarantine I had my own private room. That’s a gift for a hospital stay, so there’s that.
The bitter bitter side of it was that I could only have one visitor at a time for the first few days and then ultimately they closed the hospital entirely for any visitors. So I was truly alone with just my thoughts and my phone.
A sweet sweet part of this was an overwhelming gratitude that I have people in my life who love me. A bitter bitter part of this was realizing how lonely it must be all the time for people who have no one.
I spent four days in the hospital. During that time I ate a lot of hospital food, as I often couldn’t have visitors bring me anything. If you want to get sick, just eat the slop they feed you in the hospital. It’s truly horrible.
But a sweet sweet thing coming out of it was recognizing how those healthcare professionals came to work day in and day out to care for me and the others in there. That was truly beautiful.
I’m home now thank God. There really is no place like home.
Sweet sweet.

I am just finishing a batch of antibiotics to clear this infection up and should be right as the mail in a day or two.
So all in all we are grateful as a family.
But talk about bitter bitters and sweet sweets.

However. all the way through it I was able to put dad jokes up on my status updates.
Some might view this as bitter bitter which gives me great joy:)
Sweet sweet.

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