Moments of Joy

Those moments of joy in the midst of a broken world.
Moments of transcendence.
Moments when Heaven and Earth overlap.

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I Choose Joy

With this week of Advent being ‘Joy’ week, and after yesterday’s ‘rantier than usual’ post, I thought I’d be more joyful today.

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A snow day when you’re homeless

As I looked out my bedroom window, I instantly wondered about how my driveway would get shoveled, how to arrange for someone to clean off my van whenever it snows, when and how I’ll put my snow tires on, and why I always seem to need to wait until after it snows before I make arrangements to sort all of that out.

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On being Pissed off with all of the construction

I was informed that some of the women coming into our building were being verbally harassed by some of the workers. They were being whistled at, sexual innuendos were being thrown at them, and they were being mistreated as though they were mere objects; less than human.

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When school Christmas concerts don’t suck

Last night we went to our daughter’s Christmas concert. As a musician, and as a bit of a grumpy critical guy in general, I didn’t have high expectations.

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Christmas caroling in ‘the hood’

So last night I went Christmas caroling.
That’s right. You heard me.
Our whole family bundled up, drove to Parkdale, and went Christmas caroling.

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Advent. Peace Sunday

The world is not at peace.
We are addicted to violence.
It’s depressing.
I’m sad, even though I worship a God of supposed never-ending joy

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Advent. Day 3 of 24

Imagine a day when hope didn’t come from;
screens and texts and pics and status updates
and number of ‘likes’,

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