So, I’ve been made aware that my last blog can be read as a bit deceiving when it pertains to me moving home.
The move is still close, but not as imminent as I fear I have unintentionally suggested.
I fear I’ve been a tad impatient and a little hasty.
The finish line is definitely in sight but the very last few steps are kind of excruciating. This may in fact be the most painful part of the whole process. I know it will all be over soon but for now there is a little more waiting to do.
-The elevator guy seems to have taken an extended Christmas break. Apparently he’s back today…
-We need to do more electrical work and get switches and sockets and lights installed.
-The bathroom needs to be tiled and fixtures put in place.
-We need to install a ceiling lift.
-The hospital bed needs to be delivered and assembled.
-And likely a million other little things which I’m forgetting or know nothing about.
These are all fairly quick jobs but are not done as of yet.
We also need to coordinate home care for me which can’t be done until I have dates to give them. Someone needs to come every morning and night to help me get up and go to bed.
Plus, it will be important for me to ease into home life and not completely go from here to there overnight. The plan is to do a few days in the apartment I have and a few days at home over the course of a few weeks so I can slowly integrate into home life instead of an abrupt move. This way we can work out any bugs we might face while at home before I am fully there.
So we’re close, the finish line is in sight, but yes, this part is excruciating.

Once again we’re welcoming prayers and positive thoughts for this last push towards home.

3 thoughts on “Clarification”

  1. We all know your excited and anxious to be home but all of those details no matter how small they seem are very important to you living comfortably in that space. Think about all of the detail that God put into making us and our world unique. Pay attention to the details in your day.🐠

  2. Dion,
    I enjoy reading your blogs to see how you are getting along, but they help me to understand that life has many twists and turns and its ok.
    I pray that God will give you strength and encouragement today.

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