February Sucks. Rant 4 (of 4)

There’s been so much to be sad/mad about this February. But I only have one more blog post of ranting left for the month. So I figured I would just list some things that have gotten to me;
– Jean Vanier. Ugh. It wasn’t fair of me or anyone else I guess to put him on a pedestal. But I did. It turns out I was wrong to do that. He was one of a very few heroes in my life. I guess I’m not surprised to learn that he was a broken human being. But I’m sad/mad about it nonetheless.
– This month Indigenous issues in this country were taken up a major notch. There is so much hatred and division in Canada regarding those who were here first and continue to be lied to by Canadian authorities. So sad
– As it was Ash Wednesday yesterday I was going to go to church to have the sign of the cross marked on my forehead from ashes. It is called the ‘imposition of ashes’. But instead I had to stay home due to the snow. So this is the imposition of snow I guess…
– I haven’t been sleeping well on a handful of nights. That sucks on a few different levels.
– People keep parking in the disability spot in front of our house to quickly go pick up their kids at the school across the street. Geez that drives me crazy.

– Speaking of snow, it’s impossible to get on the sidewalks in a wheelchair often times. Or sometimes they are cleared but it’s impossible to get up onto them from the street.

– Or sometimes the sidewalk is impossible to use because someone has decided to park on it.

– my wheelchair has not been working properly. I have been waiting for several weeks now to get it fixed. They will apparently come on Friday to fix it. Frustrating
– I needed to go to an event at the Legion last week. One would assume that a legion would be accessible given so many people come back from wars with injured/severed limbs and in wheelchairs. But this one had seven steps in order to get into it. And the sign out front said “all are welcome“…

– Finally, this month I had my annual neurologist appointment where he told me once again that there’s nothing he can do for me, and so I made an appointment for a year from now. I also had a CT scan, some bloodwork, a bone density test, an appointment with my urologist, and two appointments with my family doc.

And on top of all this, just to rub salt in the wounds, this is leap year giving us one more day of the worst month of the year.
So February; though this year I’ll concede that you didn’t throw a terrible winter at us,
I still loathe you.
Not that you care.

I’ll Stop whining for a while now. It’s out my system.

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  1. Hi Dion. I understand your feelings about February…I really do but here’s a few good things…it’s a short month, March is next, Spring is not too far off,you start to see the days getting longer, more sun,Valentines Day,Family Day, Black History Month,get all your tax receipts to do your income tax(hopefully you get some back),and Anne and I both have birthdays in February! Actually it’s an expensive month for us but there is hope for Spring! I personally don’t like January…too long,cold and dark. Love ya brother!

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