God, Yoga, MS and…God

So I’m trying again.
After living way too long in my ‘why bother’ mode, I’m trying to eat right, exercise, stretch and even do yoga! I seem to be in a positive space right now and I have a better, at least less depressed, outlook on life.
Could be the sunshine and warmth. Who knows?
In the midst of that, I believe I am hearing God’s voice quite clearly these days as well.
For example: yesterday I rolled out my yoga mat, got on the floor and did my daily routine. It’s not pretty to look at but it really does improve my life in so many ways. I turn on my yoga music, lay on my mat, stretch, focus on my breathing, pray/meditate, and even do some strength exercises. It’s incredibly healthy on every level.
When I was done however, I felt physically tired. I wondered how I would get back up off the floor. My rhythm for doing that is I have to get up on my knees, grab one hand onto the arm of the coach and the other on my walker, get my right foot underneath me to help push myself up, and tap into any strength I have in order to get in a standing position. Again, it’s not pretty but it works.
Yesterday, I tried a couple of times but I couldn’t get up. I just didn’t have the strength.
So I simply sat down on the floor with my back against the couch. I was alone as Erinn and Cate were not home. But that was OK. I did not panic. I rarely do which is a plus.
My body in general recovers strength fairly quickly, so I sat there waiting for that to happen before I gave standing up another try. While I was sitting there with my phone handy, this Bible verse popped up. I have an app that does that every single day. Yesterday’s verse was this;
Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time.” ‭‭(1Peter‬ ‭5:6‬)
I felt very strongly that this was The voice of God speaking directly to me. I truly don’t talk this way very often but really did feel convinced that I was being spoken to.
So I focused on humility, which is admittedly an ongoing struggle for me in case you hadn’t noticed. I once again prayed an offer of all of me to God and God alone.
Then in one try I did my standing up routine and got up from the floor fairly easily.
It was like God told me directly that “I will lift you up in due time, and now’s the time.”
Though I hate Multiple Sclerosis, I will do my best in the midst of it to hold on to the promise that God will lift me up in due time.
Now to get on the floor and do some yoga…

5 thoughts on “God, Yoga, MS and…God”

  1. Marilyn Forward

    Dion, I have been following your blog and I feel it is important to let you know that I am constantly uplifted by your words and witness. You are the true embodiment of courage, fortitude and humility in the face of what sometimes seem to be unbeatable odds. You are the image of God and your spirit (and body) exudes His beauty. I pray that God will cover you with His peace. Everyday. All the time.

  2. I am reading this on the eve of major surgery and find it very encouraging and pertinent to me. Thank you very much.

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