Holy Week Prayers-Holy Thursday

“But if I washed your feet…then you must wash each others feet.” (John 13:14)

Holy God,

On this day we remember the gathering of your followers in the upper room.
You once again humbled yourself.
As the King of all kings,
you didn’t give a motivational speech as to how to defeat their enemies,
but instead you knelt and washed their feet.

They didn’t feel worthy of you washing their feet.
I don’t feel worthy to let you wash my feet.
But you demand that I allow you to do just that.
And then ask that I simply wash my friend’s feet.

Sounds simple.
But it’s harder than anything I can imagine.

As the King,
you demonstrated being a servant,
you demonstrated real love for your people.
You demonstrated love for me.
Yes, even me.

And all you ask in return is that we love one another,
as you have loved us.
As you have loved me.

It is indeed that love that is at the foundation of the cross.
Help me to hold on to that promise,
on this difficult journey to Good Friday.


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