Holy Week Prayers-Holy Tuesday

“I tell you solemnly, one of you will betray me!” (John 13:21)

Holy God,

As we get closer and closer to Good Friday,
It’s tempting to look the other way,
and not pay attention to your suffering,
not stay on the road with you to the cross.

Help me to embrace my own suffering,
the world’s suffering,
your suffering.

Give me courage to stay on the road with you,
to not look away,
and to bring with me
my own flaws and failures.

And on the journey with you to the cross,
give me eyes to see and a heart to feel your love,
love that only can be felt in the midst of pain,
in the midst of humility,
in the midst of the Passion of Holy Week.


5 thoughts on “Holy Week Prayers-Holy Tuesday”

  1. Deborah J Coles

    Praying with you, too. (I really don’t like the idea of embracing suffering… not sure I even know how! – but I DO embrace the idea of not letting Jesus do it alone.)

    1. Thanks Deborah. I absolutely agree with you that embracing suffering, whatever that even looks like, is tough both intellectually and practically. I guess the best we can do is be open to learning what that means as we go

  2. my hope comes from the lord the maker of heaven and earth and this is my hope that we believers will use this hope to give us courage to feel and be with our Jesus this day. Thank you Dion for helping me to be more sensitive. Xx

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