It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas

I guess I’m feeling Christmas in the air much earlier this year. I don’t know if it’s because we’ve already had our first snowstorm, or the Christmas displays are up early this year, or we’ve got our Oxford family batch of Christmas wine made, or the Santa Claus parade was yesterday and as a family we hunkered down and watched our first Christmas movie together while eating the festive special, or we have our Christmas lights up outside (not on yet).
Whatever it is, I’m feeling kind of Christmasy.

(pics of Erinn bottling our wine, our friend climbing our tree and hanging our lights, and lunch at the ‘Shangri la’ Mary Brown’s fried chicken)

Now I am all too aware that Christmas is not easy for everyone. Heck, it’s not remotely easy for us either. I’ve been sick more often than I would like to be these days. Cate had a spell of sickness in the last little while as well. People on or close to the street that Erinn knew in Parkdale keep dying. The list can go on and on but what I’m simply saying is that
There’s no way around it. Things get very difficult at times.
For everyone.
No one escapes it.
Which is even more of a good reason to enter the Christmas spirit. Life is too short and too hard to let good things go by without paying a little attention to them.
So even though I will do some sort of advance reflection this year to prepare my heart for Christmas day, I would like to say mid November;

Merry Christmas!

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