july 1. canada day. 8 days post liberation

a funny thing happened on the way home after my time of blogging last night. a mariachi band showed up and they picked the party up a major notch. so i ran and got erinn and we sat and listened to their last couple of tunes. then a funnier thing happened when they were done. me and erinn were walking back to our room and the band were all milling around the place and we got our pic taken with them. good times. i’m currently writing to the sounds of a very good jazz guitarist playing right here beside me. the quality of music has been redeemed since that first band we heard a week or so ago.
today was another great day here. this place in and of itself brings healing just because of the relaxed vibe here. no one actually cares what time it is.
i had physio at 9am today and they’ve kicked it up a major notch. i only have 2 more sessions left tomorrow and one on monday morning before we leave and so they are kicking butt now. my balance and endurance are continuing to improve in measurable ways. now i need the discipline to keep it going when i get back home.
i also had a follow-up appointment back at the hospital today with the surgeon, dr. fallas. he’s a very nice guy and a great surgeon. he did an ultrasound on my neck and it showed that the newly opened veins in my jugular were still open and puming new blood through me. that was a concern i had that was alleviated today. the other awesome, tangible medical result today was that when he checked my reflexes in my arms (i didn’t have any reflexes from my elbows down before the procedure) i did indeed have a reflex. that’s a very good, measurable, result that is evidence that this thing is working. then the whole medical crew, neurologist, surgeon, MD, and administration came out to watch me walk and they said i looked like a totally different guy. i left the hospital feeling like a million bucks. twas a good day
then we went for dinner at a 50’s diner owned and operated by a good friend of a good friend of mine in toronto (hey sam). we ate realy well and enjoyed a really nice dinner with some new friends from newfoundland who are here for the same procedure. their little boy, kyle, is 9 and he and cate have made instant friends. and cate just yesterday said that she wished she had a friend here. God does answer the prayers of little children.

tomorrow i have 2 physio appointments. and we plan to continue our relaxation by the pool, drinking fruity drinks and yes, even coffee.

the passage running through my head today that has brought me great comfort in this land of the origins of the liberation theology movement, just 8 days after my liberation treatement, is from paul’s letter to the romans;
“…creation itself will be liberated from its bondage to decay and brought into the glorious freedom of the children of God.”


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