june 29. 6 days post liberation

well i’m kinda fried right now from 2 very long days so i’ll write more tomorrow.

but as for how i’m feeling, i’m very certain that my balance and endurance is definitely improving. and erinn reminded me that my fatigue issues seem to have really diminished but that’s hard to tell in light of how wonky our schedule is these days. i’m still numb in my hands and feet and there doesn’t seem to be much improvement on the bladder front. but it’s still early days and patience is a virtue, right?

all of a sudden i have a kings x song from their faith, hope, love album running through my head;
‘patience is a virtue, but she won’t always wait’

anyhoo, we did see a part of creation today that we never dreamed we would ever see (and i wasn’t referring to the costa rican traffic but that too was harrowing and our survival was a slight miracle). for that i/we are grateful.

so my prayer, to the creator of so many wonders, to end this day is again;


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  1. i'm excited for the possibilities – – but more excited to rest in the assurance that God cares deeply about every part of your journey…God's will be done, indeed…

    grace to you Dion – and peace and love.

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