Love Does Not Boast

A Holy Thursday prayer. (Based on 1 Corinthian’s 13)

Love is patient.
Love is kind.
It does not envy.
It does not boast.

What do you mean by that?

Lord, you know us so well don’t you.
You really understand our fickle human nature.
One minute we are filled with envy, and the next we are filled with pride.
As for me, I often feel envy and pride at the same time.
I can be insecure and overconfident simultaneously.
How messed up is that?
You know that neither of these adds up to the kind of love that you want us to know and live out.

I’m so full of pride.
Sometimes I assume that I am smarter than the next guy.
Oftentimes I think I can run the best program.
I’ve even come across as patronizing sometimes.
I’ve also been known to be fairly quick to judge,
… As though I somehow am without sin and can therefore cast the first stone.
What hypocrisy!

Lord, on this Holy Thursday,
On this day when you could have chosen to escape the captors Who came to drag you away to your unjust and painful death
On this day when you’ve allowed one of your closest friends to betray you
On this day when even those who claimed to be your followers spat on you and yelled along with the mobs to crucify you,
On this day when you humbled yourself so profoundly that it would cost you your life,
On this day when you could have violently demonstrated that you were in fact the King of kings,
On this day when you had every right to boast about who you were/are,
Lord of lords, Almighty God, Creator and Preserver of all things,
Remind me again and again that I truly have nothing to boast about.

Constantly remind me that any gifts that I may have are just that:
From you.
Not me.

They’re not my gifts to take any credit for.
they’re not my gifts to boast about.
Lord God, on this Holy Thursday, forgive me for my pride.
Help me to not boast of anything that you may do through me.
Help me to love more deeply than I could ever imagine; no matter what it may cost.

Lord, help my unbelief.

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