More Random COVID Thoughts

So it’s been a while since I’ve been here writing a blog. I’ve been trying to write this book but I have to confess, I’ve hit a wall. I made the mistake of sending it over to an editor friend. I like and trust him a lot and I knew he’d be honest with me. He had plenty of encouraging things to say but also lots of constructive criticism of what I had so far. Even though that was exactly what I wanted, it has been hard to get back on the horse since then. Having someone look at your work critically is humbling.

And painful.

But important.

So now I am writing a blog and committing to myself to get back at the book tomorrow.

We shall see…

It’s been a decent month overall. Still no COVID, knock on wood. It’s been an incredibly hot summer. Many days over 100°. Thank God for air-conditioning I guess.

I’m still having some issues with sleep which have been coming and going for six months or so now. That’s driving me crazy and is very new to me. I’m trying to work that one out. But I’ve learned the hard way that when I don’t have a good night’s sleep it affects everything else in my life. As if I didn’t have enough health issues as it is…
The last week or so has been good so I’m hoping to keep going on that pattern. I’m kind of sick of having to deal with health stuff.

Cate has been working at camp all summer. She is one of a handful of students that got student summer grants there to help paint and beautify the camp while it is closed. She has been away now for almost 4 weeks and has four more to go. She’s having an absolutely awesome time. I’m so thrilled for her that she’s working and is with some really good friends, but man do I miss her. We are heading up to see her in a couple of days which I am really looking forward to.

I’m doing a lot of mindfulness and meditation these days. I am hosting a communal contemplation gathering every couple of weeks in the park. Eight or so people get together and we spend time in silence, together, and then share anything that we may have heard from the Creator during that time. I also get together with three or four guys every couple of weeks for some mindfulness. One of those guys is a psychotherapist and guides us through some ideas for the week. He really knows his stuff. I’m also doing quite a bit of providing spiritual direction to folks either in person (all physically but not socially distant of course) or online. During that time I really feel as though God is present. I’m really finding a sense of joy and purpose in all of the times I get to spend in meditation/mindfulness/direction.

I'm getting so spiritual my shit doesn't even stink.


I still spend a lot of time at the park. Most afternoons I sit under a tree in the shade and enjoy the breeze while I write or read. There are these three hawks that live in a tree just over from me. They eat mice and squirrels that skitter around on the grass in the park.

I don’t know enough about hawks to know if they are playing together but it sure seems obvious that they’re talking to one another. They remind me of God‘s presence all around me. It’s amazing to be in the heart of Canada‘s biggest city but have these amazing creatures just right beside me that usually can only be found in the forest.

Toronto is entering phase 3 of the reopening of things at midnight on Friday. On one level I know this is important. But on another I fear it means being one step closer to getting back to the busyness of life. Take the good with the bad I guess. I do miss being able to go to the movies and eat in restaurants so I do hope that we get back to some form of normalcy. Covid has been crazy hard on so many people’s finances and mental health.

I guess that’s it for now. I will go back to watching and listening to the hawks and enjoying the breeze.

Life can be hard.

There’s no pussyfooting around that.

But I will continue to try and enjoy the good things in the midst of the bad.

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