No, I’m not going snowboarding

As MS continues to kick my butt, for the 3rd year in a row now I’ll be heading south for a month of winter. Last year I wrote that I’d be continuing my foray into my life as a snow-birder. But as people are more and more prone to reading things quickly, I got more than a few perplexed responses from people asking how on earth I can snowboard when I can barely walk…
So the deal is this; I’m heading south for a month. From February 4–March 4 I’m heading to a place where I’ll be all but guaranteed not to have to worry about slipping on snow and ice. Last year I went to Tampa, which I absolutely loved. I rented an accessible condo from a friend of mine and thoroughly enjoyed my time there.
The major problem with the place was that I was alone there. And with this disease getting worse, if I fall down I often need someone to help me back up. So if I were to fall in that condo in Florida, while I am extremely careful not to these days (but still thank God I didn’t), no one would have known. So this year I needed to find a place where there’d be people around to check on me and make sure I’m ok.

Some will be sick of hearing me say this, but 27 years ago in 1990 I was the cook in a Salvation Army street drop-in center called The Friendship Room. But I haven’t often shared this part of the story. It was there that I befriended a co-worker named Danielle Strickland. She’s kind of famous these days as an international speaker and writer. But back then we were just 2 kids trying to find our way in this life. and we became life long friends. She’s a Salvation Army officer now, living in Los Angeles with her hubby and kids. So I emailed her, explained my situation, and asked if she knew of a place there where I could crash for a month. To make a long story slightly shorter, I’ll be staying at the training college (the place where people go to be trained as ordained SA clergy) in LA.

So in one week I’m snow birding in LA.
That’s how I roll.
My family will join me for a week or so in the middle of my time there, which is awesome.
I’m a little anxious about the trip and spend far too much time worrying about things that could go wrong, so I’d welcome your prayers and good thoughts.

But if all goes according to plan, there’s a no-pants month just around the corner for me!!!

2 thoughts on “No, I’m not going snowboarding”

  1. Hey Dion,
    Friends are one God’s greatest gifts to us – second only to family. So glad your friend, Danielle, was able to provide your much needed winter accommodations. I pray you will enjoy your time there and as you travel, you will find the ‘peace of God that passes our understanding’ will guard your heart and mind. Walking the journey of life together is really what Jesus planned for us. So glad your ‘walking’ includes some caring people – just like you.
    Thanks for the access to your blog.
    Keep well my friend.


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