The Wrestler

This painting by Jack Baumgartner portrays Jacob Wrestling the Angel from the book of Genesis. It’s a central metaphor for this blog – wrestling with life, health, urban issues, and even with God.

Advent. Day 2 of 24. International Accessibility Day

Imagine a world where everyone could walk. Everyone could hear. See Taste Touch

Advent. Day 1 of 24

Imagine a day when everyone had enough, an abundance of what they needed, no one was so greedy that they wanted more than they needed at the cost of leaving people behind. Just imagine.

It’s Advent

Happy New Year! That’s right. Today is the first Sunday of Advent. For those of us who identify as Christians, today marks the beginning of our calendar year.

I Remember

It’s Remembrance Day. On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of each year we stop everything we are doing and we remember. We even have a symbol, the poppy, which is meant to help us to remember.


I have a confession to make. My teenage daughter and I like to watch bad Christian TV and laugh at the ridiculous things that so often happen there.

Confessions of a reluctant Blue Jays fan

I’m gonna be honest. I sheepishly need to confess that I am a bandwagon jumper and currently caught up in Blue Jays fever.

Reflections on being screwed up.

But yet, out of nowhere, it began to rain. I couldn’t understand it at all. I was literally getting wet and kind of chilled. And on top of that, while I was trying to figure out what was going on, Superwoman walked by me.

Ode Du A Loyal Mobility Scooter

I would have at least taken a farewell photo of and/or given it a hug and a kiss goodbye first. But alas it was too late. It was over. It was the end of an era.

Confessions of a dad of a teenage daughter

My little girl, the one I walked to her first day of kindergarten with just yesterday (it seems), will jump on the subway tomorrow morning and head off to her new school.

We’re all heading H.O.M.E.

One person without a home is one too many.

A tribute to a friend and a hero: Mrs. Commissioner Alison R. Walter

I didn’t think she even knew who I was. After all, she’s lived all over the world and has seen and done everything. Everyone who is anyone in The Salvation Army world knows her name. I was a friend of her husband Commissioner Stanley Walter. We worked together when I was director of Friendship Room and then Gateway. He was our accountant in his retirement. He came to work every week in his SA uniform, smiled at everyone, did his 4 hour per week job more efficiently than any form of accounting I've ever experienced, updated me on our financial situation, gave me a word of encouragement and/or constructive critique, and left. I loved him and was deeply saddened when he told me he was sick and wouldn’t be back. In 2004 I quietly sat in the backseat at his funeral to pay my respects, didn’t talk to a soul, and left. I didn’t even bring greetings to his grieving wife, not wanting to interrupt her grief and thinking she had no idea who I was anyways.

Finally entering the spiritual direction world

In my weakness, I am being molded into much less the ‘fixer’ I always have tried to be, and more of a listener. "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." (2 Corinthians 12:9)

Carry Me

In Mark 2, there’s a story of a disabled man whose friends carry him to the house where Jesus was staying, believing Jesus can heal him.

Bitter/ Sweet Stories of unexpected grace from the street

There was this one time when I played in a band with a guy who was severely mentally ill. When he sat down to play the drums, his eyes went clear and he became a drumming machine.

MS, healing, drugs, exercise, and Jesus (last part)

Well to tie up this little series of thoughts, I’ll share what I’ve been thinking a lot about these past few days due to my work; the word ‘joy’.

It’s the Little Things

So we ‘bought’ a van! Never dreamed that would happen but life has a funny way of bringing irony in to being.

MS, healing, drugs, exercise, and Jesus (part 2 of who knows how many)

Throughout all my years of living with MS I’ve adopted a mantra; “I have MS but MS doesn’t have me”.

MS, healing, drugs, exercise, and Jesus (part 1 of who knows how many)

Well I’m ‘celebrating’ 19 years of life with MS this month. 19 years!