On being Pissed off with all of the construction

Advent. Day 10 of 24

This week I was really just plain pissed off with all the construction happening around me at work. The sidewalks are being ripped up and replaced, the buildings are being taken down and new ones being built, metal construction fences were up, tractors and trucks and trailers and dirt and pylons were everywhere, traffic was held up in every direction, and noise levels were through the roof. It was just plain frustrating.

This is all being done in the name of so-called progress.

They even blocked off our parking lot until someone went out and told them that this wasn’t acceptable. I guess that was what was bothering me most of all. They just didn’t seem to care about anyone affected by all of the activity. Getting the work done seemed to be all that mattered.
While I was trying to get around on my scooter for example, sidewalks were blocked, there were no ramps onto sidewalks that were raised up from the street about 6 inches or so to enable me to get up onto them, fences were in place to block me from going anywhere, (unless of course I wanted to fall a fair ways off a sidewalk onto the street) causing me to have to turn around and go back almost a whole city block and try again another route. It was incredibly frustrating. I was driving around on my scooter on the street weaving through traffic basically just to get to where I was trying to go. It was kind of dangerous really. And to make things worse, drivers in their frustration were honking at me like I was the bad guy. That of course makes me get my back up, and that’s not pretty either…

Then I was informed that some of the women coming into our building were being verbally harassed by some of the workers. (Not all of them. This is not an indictment against all construction workers by no means) They were being whistled at, sexual innuendos were being thrown at them, and they were being mistreated as though they were mere objects; less than human. And sadly, at least according to the results of the most recent election, that kind of behavior is being endorsed by the masses!

It all just makes me really sad.
It also makes me want to try as hard as I can to respond to these things in the best way I know how.
I want to work towards a world where everyone is treated with the dignity and respect they deserve.
I long for the day when that kind of behavior is not even remotely acceptable.
I long for the day when it doesn’t even cross anyone’s mind to treat another person that way.

Just imagine!

Come Lord Jesus.
Come quickly,

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