Putting it into Perspective

I’ve been sick this week. Some sort of summer cold. Thankfully it hasn’t been so bad that I’ve ended up in the hospital (knock on wood), but it hasn’t been pleasant. I even ended up staying in bed for two days this week in hopes that the rest would help get rid of this thing. But sadly here I am still sounding a bit like a truck ran me over. I guess my already compromised immune system isn’t helping me much.
So during the week I have been kinda pissed off more than usual. The normal “why me?“, “When will I ever get a break?“, and “ when will this end?“ Questions have arisen inside of me.
But then I started reading stuff online as well as seeing things on the news that put life in perspective for me. I saw a picture of a man and his daughter facedown in some water, drowned, from trying to get what he felt was a better life for her.
I read, and heard from folks close to me, about people dying horrible and preventable deaths on the street. I saw politicians making just plain evil decisions that were further oppressing and blaming already vulnerable and marginalized people.
Through it all I was once again reminded of how fortunate I am.
I have a home when around 8000 people in Toronto alone needed to stay in shelters last night.
I have a comfortable bed to rest/sleep in and plenty of food to eat for those few days when I didn’t get out of bed.
I have a beautiful daughter that was in no danger of needing to flee her country last night, on this Canada Day weekend, at the risk of losing her own life or being turned back or imprisoned by the authorities.
I don’t have a loaded weapon in my house because I have been led to believe that that would make me and my family safer.
I’ve just got a cold.
It will go away.
The sun is shining today.
The sky is blue.

There is a beautiful breeze.
The birds are singing.
I am going to take a Sunday afternoon nap.

I am privileged beyond any words I might conjure up.

Now to let that motivate me, not just to stop whining about my own situation; but to act on seeking justice for those who are being destroyed and discriminated against.

3 thoughts on “Putting it into Perspective”

  1. Sheilah Mackinnon Drover

    Dion, your words are so true and so inspiring. When we think, “Poor me,” it is good to remember those who do not have the advantages of the good life we have in Canada. According to all reports that I have heard, you made life better for a lot of people during your working life. Now, in your “retirement” you are still helping others by putting life’s everyday events into perspective. Doing that helps us cope better with whatever life throws at us.
    Hope you are “up and at ’em” very soon.
    All best,

  2. Hi Dion,

    Just a note to say hello.
    Its ok to whine a bit as it does help us to get a load off.
    And only then can we see our blessings.
    I wanted to share the follwing quote on encouragement and compassion.
    “One’s life has value so long as one attributes value to the life of others, by means of love, friendship, indignation and compassion.” — Simone De Beauvoir

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