Random COVID-19 thoughts (pt. 6)

I know it’s been a while since I’ve been here so I thought it would be a good time to put something up. There is so much happening in the world right now and it’s hard to know even where to start with random COVID-19 thoughts. But anyways, here are a few;

1. Racism. Even though I am now a visible minority given that I am in a wheelchair, I still have very little idea what it’s like to be a person of colour. Yes I do now know what it’s like to be judged just based on appearance, and I know how much that hurts and pisses me off, but I don’t know what it’s like to be afraid of authority just because of the colour of my skin. I’ve never been pulled over for a traffic violation and been worried that something horrible could go down just because I was black. So I have been doing my best to shut up and just listen and hopefully learn.

2. My wheelchair is fixed thank God. So that’s dealt with. But then we have already had two heat waves this spring end all of a sudden our air conditioner died. Given that it was 25 years old and doesn’t owe us any favors, we had to replace it. Such is life I guess. But what a pain in the ass these things are.

Still first world problems I guess.

3. My aunt died today. My dad’s brother’s wife. They were married for 51 years. She was one of my mother‘s best friends to the very end. They went for walks pretty much every day. She has been a part of my life since the day I was born and it was sad to hear of her passing today. She has two sons, one of which was in my class all the way through grade school, the other being a little younger but became one of the best trumpet players and nicest people I knew. One of them lives in Alberta with his family and the other lives in Korea with his. COVID-19 will not allow them to be at their own mother’s funeral in Newfoundland.

A sad day for everyone involved.

4. One of my very good friends is a bit of an expert in leading mindfulness groups. So now that the weather is nice, a few of us are meeting, with appropriate physical distancing of course, in his backyard every couple of weeks to do some mindfulness together. I am so very pleased about that, not just for the mindfulness exercise, but because I get to see good friends in real life and not just in cyberspace. I was also hosting a communal contemplation group before this whole pandemic thing struck. We are soon going to meet in a park to give that a shot again. I’m looking forward to that.

5. I’m trying to train my moustache to curl up at the ends using wax. I’ve been growing it out for a while now. Lots of ugly stages but with not going out in public too much it’s been a good time to try. Still not there but getting closer.

6. After what feels like a gazillion years of promising myself I would try to write a book, I’m finally doing it. At least hopefully…

COVID-19 is giving me the time and space to focus my thoughts.

That’s why I haven’t been blogging as much these days. I’ve been writing stuff for this alleged book. We shall see where that goes.

7. This past week I would have celebrated 23 years on the current job that I had. I loved my job. I am sad that I can no longer work. When I posted this on Facebook, I got so much love from people in different spheres of my life. I didn’t post it seeking that kind of affirmation, but boy did it mean a lot to me.

I still hopefully feel the same way as I did when I could work which is summed up in my thoughts below.

So much hate.
So much racism.
So much fear.
So much violence.
So much finger pointing.
So much exclusion.
So much homelessness.
So much politics.
So much sickness.
So much death.

We need more

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