The Long and winding Road

Yes, it’s been another tough season. Multiple Sclerosis continues to eat away at my body. And I’ve been doing yet another stint in a rehabilitation hospital to try and get better use of my extremities. Along the way they found a sizeable kidney stone in my right kidney and felt very strongly about going in and getting rid of it. So one day I went back to the hospital, got the urologist to go in and laser this stone, and then came back to the rehab hospital that I’m at. That felt pretty good on the day of but it took three full days to recover after that. I guess it kicked the crap out of me even when I didn’t know it. In retrospect I should have assumed that because it was serious enough to have to be put to sleep and have a tube down my throat while the procedure was happening.
Good times!
But the upside is that I no longer have a kidney stone and I feel pretty good.

That’s a good thing I would say.
But another downside to this latest significant bump in the road is that I am not strong enough to go back home anymore. Even though my right hand has gotten strong enough so that I can drive my power chair again, my left hand is pretty much useless. So now I am waiting for the next step on the journey.
The upside to that is that I’m feeling pretty certain that long term care is where I’m headed next. And that seems to be an awesome option. I’m not counting any chickens because they are far from hatched, but I am hopeful and so is Erinn.
So now we wait. And I have to admit once again that the waiting is some of the hardest stuff of it all. I know that Patience is one of the fruits of the spirit, but I also know that this one is the hardest for me to get my head around.
But today I was given another glimpse of hope. It is sunny and 14° here today. And I had very little on my schedule so I rode my wheelchair down to the labyrinth beside  the Eaton center. I absolutely love that spot. It is at the very centre of Canada‘s biggest city but yet it is this giant space with an accessible labyrinth. And no one was there. I did the labyrinth and I was all alone except for some pigeons that were accompanying me.
Most of it was in the shade except for a tiny quarter of it where the sun coverage wasn’t blocked out behind some buildings. As I was navigating all of the twists and turns of the labyrinth, I found myself stopping in the sun, putting my head back and enjoying the warmth.

And that today was my gift from the Creator. Even though life is full of twists and turns on the way to wherever it is we are going, sometimes we can stop along the way and enjoy the sun and its warmth.
That warmth might just give me enough patience to finish this latest leg of the journey.

4 thoughts on “The Long and winding Road”

  1. Hutchinson Gloria

    Thank you Dion. Beautiful illustration of life with all the turns and twists. GOD is with you and in you and will make the crooked ways smooth. HIss blessing is upon you. Gloria Hutchinson

  2. Hi Dion,
    Thank you for sharing your journey. I admire your openness, your ability for hope and pause, your connection to spirit and finding the warmth and sunshine in your days. xo

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