That time when Jesus got circumcised and then visited by Zoroastrian Magicians (Part 2)

Taking the focus squarely away from foreskins and such, I’ve also been very much consumed with the thought of Jesus being visited by magicians. We refer to these guys as Magi or ‘The Three Wise Men’, though there’s never any mention of just 3.
We refer to the 12th day of Christmas as ‘Epiphany Day’. This year we celebrated the Epiphany this past Friday. Epiphany Day is the culmination of the Advent and Christmas seasons. On this Day, also known sometimes as Three Kings Day, we remember the gifts of gold, incense and myrrh that the gentile magi brought to the saviour of the world in that manger.

Epiphany is relevant because it is a day for us to remember that Jesus came for the WHOLE world; for ALL people. The word ‘Epiphany’ means ‘manifestation’; in this context demonstrating that Jesus revealed Himself not just for Jewish people but for everyone. God revealed Himself to people of another faith, these Zoroastrian magicians, by placing a star in the sky for them to follow all the way to where Jesus was. Then they offered Him gifts as a sign of respect and praise, and they worshiped Him.

This whole story is designed to show us that Jesus came for all of us.

It is a day meant to challenge us to heal all wounds and divisions created due to prejudice and bigotry.

It is a day meant for unity under one King, one Ruler, one Saviour, who loves us all without any consideration of our nationality, colour, income, orientation, gender, political or religious beliefs.

It is a day of hope that one day, everything will be made right once and for all.

The Epiphany is a good idea to focus on as we enter this coming year.
I am thankful for the example these very unlikely foreigners, these magicians, have left us.

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