You Gotta Have Faith, the Faith, the Faith

I’m listening to George Michael.

Go ahead and judge me if you must. I’d do the same to you.

But I woke up today with “you gotta have faith, faith, faith” running through my head. Over and over and over again that is all I had happening inside my brain via George Michael’s voice. And I honestly don’t think I’ve heard that song in many moons. Usually that kind of earworm only happens when I’ve heard a song recently. So then I asked myself “what gives?“

Then I started to wonder if maybe God was sending me a message via George Michael.
Stranger things have happened.
And I do know that my faith has been struggling these past few weeks with a few health and family things that have come my way. I have to admit I have wondered where God was in it all. I have wondered if there even was a God. Why oh why is life so bloody hard sometimes?

But If God can speak through a donkey then surely She can send me a message via George Michael. “You gotta have faith the faith the faith”.

OK God. I hear you. Now lay off the George Michael. I’ve got to preserve some street cred. And I’d like to wake up with something cooler running through my head.

I guess I’m just thankful I woke up today at all, no matter whose voice was running through my head; be it God’s and/or George Michael’s…

I believe.
Help my unbelief.

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