The Wrestler

This painting by Jack Baumgartner portrays Jacob Wrestling the Angel from the book of Genesis. It’s a central metaphor for this blog – wrestling with life, health, urban issues, and even with God.

‘Good’ Friday

Is it really a ‘good’ Friday? Well yeah, it is a Good Friday. It really is good. That’s what ‘Louise’ said in the middle of a service at the Dale last Sunday. Erinn, my wife, was telling people what was going to happen during Holy Week and Louise said this aloud in response to what […]

miraculous healing?

Well the topic of some sort of Jesus healing for my body as reared it’s ugly head again lately. Three different people from very different spheres of my life have offered to pray for me and my healing. Plus, the lectionary this week was of Jesus casting out demons and healing people just by touching […]

what do you want?

What do you want? My PSW asked me that this morning in relation to what I would like to wear today. But the question itself stuck in my brain. What in fact do I want? It did remind me of one of the funniest and yet most profound songs that I know of from my […]

a tribute to my mom

Today, January 19th 2024, would have been Mom’s 82nd birthday. But sadly she is gone from this world. She has crossed the threshold from life into death. She now knows the answers to the great mysteries of what happens on the other side. I have a strong faith that she would be happy with what, […]

the already and the not yet

So with today being the last day of Christmastide, the Advent and Christmas season, I thought about the year that was for me and the thoughts that have dominated my mind through this season. And the epiphany, the manifestation, the light bulb that has gone off in my head, which is not new but very […]

Story Day, Hospitality, and shitting myself

So I went to a conference last week called ‘Story Day’. It was on the topic of hospitality and was a series of stories and theological reflections on what true mutual hospitality can be and sometimes is. It was organized and put off by my wife Erinn and her team, and I would say was […]

A transgendered priest, the Blue Jays, scattering ashes, and other random thoughts

Well I think this might be the first time I’ve blogged in 2023. Not a good way to get a regular blog following but alas… I guess it’s been that kind of year. My mind has been all over the place and I’ve had so many random thoughts with no real sense of direction as […]

My tribute to Ben

A Mourning Phase

I am sitting here in my favourite place in Toronto (Mount Pleasant cemetery), in front of my favourite headstone (Jesus washing Peter‘s feet), having just had my favourite breakfast for lunch at my favourite breakfast joint. It’s a beautiful summer day with blue skies and fluffy clouds, no humidity, sitting under the shade of a […]

My Tribute to Rick

There’s been a lot said about Rick since he passed. Hundreds and hundreds of tributes on blogs, tweets and Facebook. And his obituary was beautiful, so I won’t rehash most of that. I’ve just been thinking about some of the many stories we shared over the years. And as I find blogging to be cathartic […]

The not so Good Samaritan

So I did it. I’ve always looked down on the religious guys that keep going when they see a guy in need on the street, because they are too busy. What self righteous doinks they are! But now I’m quite certain I am one of them. It was the other day. I was on the […]

I Don’t Cry

So we’re almost through January 2022. Does that freak anybody else out besides me? For me, this year started out pretty much the same as last. SSDY (same shite, different year) Covid never ends, the vax versus anti-vax divide continues to widen, (separating families from families, friends from friends, and dividing the church, the country […]

The Long and winding Road

Yes, it’s been another tough season. Multiple Sclerosis continues to eat away at my body. And I’ve been doing yet another stint in a rehabilitation hospital to try and get better use of my extremities. Along the way they found a sizeable kidney stone in my right kidney and felt very strongly about going in […]

4 weeks and 3 days in hospital

It’s been four weeks and three days now since I have been admitted to the hospital. And some of those days have been the hardest of my life. Erinn and I went to a movie four weeks and three days ago. (We went to see the Aretha Franklin movie which as an aside was pretty […]

My summer woes (2 of 2)

So on the summer woes front, I’m also seeing lots of pictures of Newfoundland these days. People are on the water fishing, folks are enjoying Newfoundland food, and family are enjoying being with each other. My dad just turned 80, and I was the only sibling who couldn’t be there to celebrate with him. There […]

My summer woes (1 of 2)

There is accessible. And then there’s truly accessible. And almost nothing for my needs is truly accessible. When I was in the shelter world, working amongst folks who are homeless, we talked a lot about ‘affordable’ versus ‘truly affordable‘ housing. Affordable housing was calculated based 30% of a person’s income. So if you made $48,000 […]

The day someone assumed I was homeless

Well, it finally happened. Erinn and I were running some banking  errands the other day. It was crazy hot so as she went into a building to get something, I waited in the shade at the next place we needed to go to. As I’m sitting there, minding my own business, watching the world go […]

On Elevators, Covid, Rhythms, MS, God, and TV (Part 2 of 2)

“This pandemic, in a very different way, has been a broken elevator that has stopped us all from experiencing life in the expected way…” This is a direct quote from my friend and teacher Allen Proctor after reading yesterday’s post. He is the executive director of the Haden Institute where I studied to become a […]