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Fleeing to the streets

Let’s imagine a 13 year old girl growing up in a small town or city somewhere in Canada. Our statistics say that one in four girls are abused in their own home by the age of 14.

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Loving God and neighbour (Christian Week March 3, 2016)

In my last (Christian Week) column I talked a lot about the differences between ‘charity’ and ‘justice.’ I then outlined many of the issues without spending a whole lot of time on solutions. So where do we start? I’m glad you asked.

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Welcome to My New Blog

Writing in blog format, where people have access to my stuff, is not only good therapy for me but also helps me flesh out my own thoughts on things as I go. Sometimes I have an idea kind of bouncing around in my head, and then when I go to write about it that idea becomes a bit more concrete for me. So basically, if you choose to read my writing on this blog, you’re essentially getting a glimpse into the formation of my thoughts. You’re getting a look at the inside of my head.

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