Multiple Sclerosis

‘Good’ Friday

Is it really a ‘good’ Friday? Well yeah, it is a Good Friday. It really is good. That’s what ‘Louise’ said in the middle of a service at the Dale last Sunday. Erinn, my wife, was telling people what was going to happen during Holy Week and Louise said this aloud in response to what […]

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miraculous healing?

Well the topic of some sort of Jesus healing for my body as reared it’s ugly head again lately. Three different people from very different spheres of my life have offered to pray for me and my healing. Plus, the lectionary this week was of Jesus casting out demons and healing people just by touching

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My summer woes (1 of 2)

There is accessible. And then there’s truly accessible. And almost nothing for my needs is truly accessible. When I was in the shelter world, working amongst folks who are homeless, we talked a lot about ‘affordable’ versus ‘truly affordable‘ housing. Affordable housing was calculated based 30% of a person’s income. So if you made $48,000

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