A Mourning Phase

I am sitting here in my favourite place in Toronto (Mount Pleasant cemetery), in front of my favourite headstone (Jesus washing Peter‘s feet), having just had my favourite breakfast for lunch at my favourite breakfast joint. It’s a beautiful summer day with blue skies and fluffy clouds, no humidity, sitting under the shade of a …

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My Tribute to Rick

There’s been a lot said about Rick since he passed. Hundreds and hundreds of tributes on blogs, tweets and Facebook. And his obituary was beautiful, so I won’t rehash most of that. I’ve just been thinking about some of the many stories we shared over the years. And as I find blogging to be cathartic …

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I Don’t Cry

So we’re almost through January 2022. Does that freak anybody else out besides me? For me, this year started out pretty much the same as last. SSDY (same shite, different year) Covid never ends, the vax versus anti-vax divide continues to widen, (separating families from families, friends from friends, and dividing the church, the country …

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My summer woes (1 of 2)

There is accessible. And then there’s truly accessible. And almost nothing for my needs is truly accessible. When I was in the shelter world, working amongst folks who are homeless, we talked a lot about ‘affordable’ versus ‘truly affordable‘ housing. Affordable housing was calculated based 30% of a person’s income. So if you made $48,000 …

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My Christmas Grow-Op

Well I might as well add my voice to the mix and say that 2020 was one brutal year. Besides my own life being disrupted by this pandemic, so many others around me are struggling. There’s been so much death. So much sickness. So much struggle. It’s been hard to know where to look for …

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Hello world!

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