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Writing in blog format, where people have access to my stuff, is not only good therapy for me but also helps me flesh out my own thoughts on things as I go. Sometimes I have an idea kind of bouncing around in my head, and then when I go to write about it that idea becomes a bit more concrete for me. So basically, if you choose to read my writing on this blog, you’re essentially getting a glimpse into the formation of my thoughts. You’re getting a look at the inside of my head.
Sound like fun?
This also means of course that as these ideas are often brand new to me, that I am open to suggestions. My mind can be changed or ideas tweaked. At least I hope that’s true of me. So comments, suggestions, disagreements and ideas are very much welcomed and appreciated.
This site will contain articles from my work with The Salvation Army, columns from my regular posts at Christian Week, and random personal thoughts that I may have regarding my life with MS, family, church/God, and any number of other things that may cross my mind.
I’d love it if you’d subscribe to this blog. There’s an invitation to do this at different spots on the site. Then every month-end you’ll get an automatic email from me with the stuff I’ve posted for that month. If you’ve already read the blog than you could just delete the email, otherwise it will catch you up on what you’ve missed.
I’m so very thankful to the many people who have encouraged me to start a blog and/or write a book. This is my ‘toe in the water’ on that front to see where things go. Please come along for the ride with me and let’s see what happens.

11 thoughts on “Welcome to My New Blog”

  1. Hey Dion this should be interesting being in someone else’s head. I respect you and how you speak your mind and your compassion for those less fortunate.

    1. Thank you Alison for being a constant source of encouragement and a model as to how to live in integrity, wisdom and dignity.
      Much love

  2. Looking forward to reading your blog posts, Dion….always interested in your ideas which often challenge me to think in new directions….and, I must admit, I have often wondered about your thought processes….so now I’ll find out!?!

    1. Thanks Connie. From you that means a lot.
      Though I guess truly getting inside my head isn’t quite as easy as just reading my blog I suspect. I doubt you’d want to be there very long anyways:)

  3. Thanks Dion for doing this. I am very much looking forward to ‘the ride’. You’re an inspiration. Your writings provide a glimpse into a passionate heart.

  4. Dion, I feel like I’m intruding on you but since you are posting your thoughts perhaps I’m grateful to be invited to listen and watch. You, my friend, are an amazing man, married to a wonderful woman with a sweet teenager (eep, they grow so quick). Yes, we share a MS diagnosis along with a beautiful faith. I’ve been through so much on this ride since we first met and I’ve come to be at peace with many things. Maybe I should blog too ;).
    I encourage you to keep up with your posts, continue to love yourself, diagnosis and all. I wish you peace and many blessings xo

    1. I’m thankful to know you Annette and am glad to know that you’re still out there putting your best foot forward despite the struggle of this brutal disease.

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