Consider MS Pure Joy?

So I’ve been working out lately. I’ve been going to the gym. I’ve even been swimming again.
And to take it up a notch from things I’ve done previously, I’ve hired a personal trainer. I go to this high intensity gym where all these people are crazy strong and do unbelievable things, and then there’s me and my scooter.
I found the place because one day I was scooting by it to get to wherever I was going, and I noticed they have a little wooden ramp leading into the place. For me, ramps imply that they give a crap about people with disabilities. So I went in, checked it out and before I knew it I had hired a trainer.
I have been thinking about trying to get in shape again lately, so this was perfect timing I guess. I’ve not been gaining weight, but I am losing muscle in my thighs and gaining fat in my belly due to not exercising along with eating crap. So ultimately I’m changing shape, and not in a way that pleases me.
So when I go for my sessions, The first thing I do is use the rowing machine. They take it apart and retrofit it so that I can row while sitting on my scooter. Then I do things like squats, sit ups, leg presses, shoulder exercises, and anything I can do to get my heart rate up and increase some strength in my limbs and core.

There have been a few times where I couldn’t get up off the floor or gotten stuck trying to move onto my scooter seat. But because these guys are so huge, they just come and pick me up like I’m a feather and put me in a place that’s helpful for me. But I digress.
He’s also addressing my nutrition. To make a long story short, I am having a shake in the mornings that includes five raw egg whites, uncooked oatmeal, frozen fruit, a banana, almond milk, and chocolate protein. I feel like the muscle-head in the movies who drinks raw eggs for breakfast. (No worries – the eggs just make the shake creamier. I don’t taste them) The idea is to go wild on taking in good protein, carbs and veggies.
All this to say, I think I am once again trying to get healthier and slow down the progress of this bloody disease of multiple sclerosis. My doctor repeatedly tells me that there is only one proven researched way that slows this disease down and that is exercise. But For a long season before this I have been in a “why bother” mode. This thing can get quite discouraging. Depressing even.
I’m not saying any of this out of self-pity or out of a desire for pity from others. I’m simply sharing the journey I’m on as I doubt I’m alone in this.
Well I suppose truth be told I guess I’m writing this asking for prayer and/or positive thoughts as well. I’ve been here before. I’ve been gung ho to get healthy only to lose motivation a month or so into it. I really want to stay on track as already I feel better; not just physically but emotionally too.
I’ve been thinking a lot about the concept of ‘joy’ these days as it is the focal point word at work for the month of July. I’ve been especially thinking about this passage in James 1 that urges that I consider it pure joy whenever I face trials of many kinds. I’m not gonna lie; I don’t like or even understand that passage at all. Consider it pure joy to live with multiple sclerosis?
Anyways, as I try and redefine what Joy actually means, I will continue to try to get healthy.
And joyful.
I do hope I can stay motivated.
We shall see I guess…

6 thoughts on “Consider MS Pure Joy?”

  1. Good for you Dion,listen to your trainer and work your butt off and feel better in the process.You need a break and maybe this is it.Take care and God bless. Bus driver Joe

    1. Wow Joe. I honestly didn’t expect to hear from you.
      Thanks for the kind words.
      I have many fond memories of taking the bus to school every day. Thanks a ton for all of that

  2. thanks for sharing this Dion. this takes a lot of guts and courage from you not to give up – and to keep trying. I admire that so much. Look forward to seeing you in the fall at the Haden course. Cathy

    1. Thank-you Cathy.
      Really looking forward to seeing you and maybe even playing some music with you in the fall

    1. As always, it’s great to hear from you old friend.
      Thanks for the well-wishes. I’ll send them back at ya too.
      Much peace

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