Health Update. Day 67 of hospitalization

I’ll try and itemize some things as to where things stand;
1. Nothing has happened in my house yet. My soul is slowly being sucked away from me from waiting for permits. However I do feel like we’re close now and I am excited about the plans.
2. My time at Bridgepoint ends in mid to late May. I will then most likely go to another place that is kind of a transitional place between a rehab hospital and going home. I will stay there until probably September when I hope our house will actually be done.
3. I am getting stronger each day. I haven’t used my lift for two weeks. I’m bearing my own weight now and transferring from my bed to my wheelchair and vice versa, with the help of a nurse of course, by standing and pivoting. That’s a very positive improvement and shows that rehab is working.
4. When I don’t have therapy, which is in the mornings on the weekdays, I get to leave the building and go out if I choose. So I have had the privilege of going to a wedding, my own church, Erinn’s church, my home for meals, to restaurants, and just riding around on my scooter enjoying the sunshine. I’m going home today for an Easter Monday lunch with my girls. I’m thankful for the freedom and health to be able to do that.
5. It is very boring in the hospital so I’ve been watching a lot of curling on my computer. This is the final week of all the championships so I don’t know what I’ll do after Sunday…go team Gushue!!! (Maybe I’ll catch up on some homework…)
6. The fundraisers for the house renos have been going amazingly well. The amount of financial support we have been given from so many corners of the world has been overwhelming. We feel so loved. There is another fundraiser happening soon in my hometown in Newfoundland. The newspaper I grew up reading even got a hold of it and called me for a few quotes related to the fundraiser. It’s kind of cool.
7. As positive as things are progressing, it’s very hard being away from home; not just for me but for Erinn and Cate too. We still value and need your prayers and positive vibes. We need all the light we can get. It’s a long and unwanted road.

My new friend in California, a Salvation Army officer (Stacy Birks), texted me a question a while back. It was “what is your favorite colour?” I said blue not knowing what would come of it. She then proceeded to knit me a shawl and mailed it to me with a card. Though I’ve never had a shawl, I was deeply touched by it and so have decided to rock it:)

(She tells me I look like a priest in it. Maybe I’m wearing it more like a stole)
I realize that yet again I have gone on too long so I will end here with these words from the card that often sustain me.

“May this prayer shawl, made with love for you, be a mantle and sign of God‘s healing presence.
May it warm you when you are weary. May it surround you with ease in your suffering.
May it encircle you with caring when you are in pain.
May it comfort you when you feel alone.
May it remind you of God’s abiding love.“ (by Rita Atkinson)

2 thoughts on “Health Update. Day 67 of hospitalization”

  1. Dear cousin Dion,
    I so admire you for your journey and sharing the good & the bad of your daily life right now! Your faith that you spread around you , are an inspiration to so many! So great to hear you’ve been able to get out & about a bit👍 Thinking of you & praying for you & your family while your renovations are happening ! Before you know it you’ll be back home 😊 Hugs 🤗💙
    P.’S You rock that shawl/ stole/scarf 😃

  2. I agree with Stacy – you look like a priest! I know that Stacy is a beautiful woman of God and I am sure that as well as the shawl surrounding you and protecting you, her prayers are surrounding you as well.
    I join Stacy and many many others in prayers for your protection and peace as that shawl symbolizes. God be with you and your family on this journey and I pray that all the renovations will be done in record time and that your family will be blessed again and again.

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