I Gotta Pee- A Poem

Riding my bike the 7km to work
Can’t make it
Down the alley
Behind the dumpster
Ah. Relief

I’m in church
Into the prayers
Preparing my heart for communion
But sadly, there’s that ache again.
I quickly scoot to the washroom
Ah. Relief.

I’m in a lecture.
The prof is droning on and on.
I want to bang my head against the brick wall.
But then I remember,
I can pretend I have to pee…
Ah. Relief

1 thought on “I Gotta Pee- A Poem”

  1. Appreciate the way that you are dealing with your MS challenges with a sense of humour. You are teaching us how to take ourselves less seriously when we face our own challenges. Blessings.

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