june 24. one day post liberation

so, cate, erinn and i are sitting at our dinner table by the pool with the most beautiful breeze and listening to what may be the worst ever spanish band of all time. it’s so bad it’s absolutely hilarious. they’ve been setting up for the past half hour or so and we decided to stay here longer over our meal so that we could hear them. but now that they’ve started, while we are glad we stayed, it’s for completely different reasons than we anticipated. they are simply horrble and we are cracking up laughing. i couldn’t possibly even imagine a more surreal moment. good times.
we’re at the sme table with a half dozen other canadians here for the same reason we are; all of which are feeling relieved to have this thing over with. none of us have any regrets for doing it. and it is therapeutic to be with a group of people who ‘get it’.
as for me, i do feel good right now. everything went as well as we could have hoped for. they sedated me at 5:30pm yesterday and i awoke at 8:30pm; not remembering a thing but knowing it was over. they did find 2 significant blockages; one in my right jugular and the other in my xegos vein. they ballooned them both and there is new blood flow in both those areas. that can only be a good thing.
to be honest, i guess i’ve read too many accounts of this thing where people felt instantly better, and not enough of the majority of the accounts which outline how the recovery takes days, weeks and months to experience change in the MS stuff. so i myself had hoped for the instant fix. but my hands and feet are still numb and all the other stuff seems to be close to the way it was. the only possible changes might be that my hands are slightly different and my walking feels a little better. but it could be wishful thinking. i’m trying to keep it real.
having said all of that, i am content, at peace with the world, in absolutely no pain or even discomfort, and i believe this was the right thing to do. i also believe that somehow, some way, my health will improve over time.
but for now, the music continues on in the background and the laughter is turning to pain and we need to flee this scene before i go and throw those congas in the pool and put this band, and their audience, out of their misery:)
tomorrow i have physio at 10:30 and i will write an update after that.
again, i feel very cared for and loved by so many people and am feeling nothing but gratitude for the way that i/we have been blessed with so many people who genuinely love and care for us.

my prayer to end this day is simply this;


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