june 26. 3 days post liberation

well it’s been a bit of a drab and dreary day here in costa rica. it didn’t do the normal sunny, hot morning here and it’s basically been cloudy and raining all day long.
and i myself have been feeling a little like the weather today; drab and dreary. we did decide to head out of the hotel compound today and go downtown san jose. we went to a mall and it was, well, like a mall and sucked the life outta me fairly quickly. malls are just plain wrong. we did, however, eat a nice lunch at the food court and pick up a souvenir or 2.

we’ll do a video of me doing a little jogging tomorrow but we didn’t get around to it today. and there’s been very little progress today with the exception of some marked improvement in my balance. i did get really tired of walking in the mall today and was a little saddened by my lack of endurance. i do think i had more strength than i had previously but not nearly as much as i’d hoped for. but again, we were in a life sucking mall so that didn’t help much.
so, because of the weather and my lack of patience in the progress of this thing and my inability to stop thinking about the events taking place in toronto, my heart is heavy. i think mainly because of toronto, canada, and the world. it’s so heartbreaking to hear of what is happening.
but to be honest, my only surprise is that people are surprised by the violence. in my opinion it was inevitable; i might even suggest all of the ingredients were a recipe for violence.
-tens of thousands of angry people from all over the world with different agendas and messages and felt injustices and no idea how to effectively communicate their rage.
-world leaders who seamingly are untouched by it all and are not apparently listening to the people.
-security people with weapons posted everywhere looking like they want a fight.
-media hounds that are blood thirsty for, well, blood.
-mix together in a bowl.
what else did we expect?
so it’s times like this that we’d all be wise to read the great and successfuol non-violent activists of our past. ghandi. martin luther king junior. mandela. and of course the source of all hope, love, justice, wisdom and peace, jesus. their wisdom is what we need this day.

i do think the extra blood flow in my body may just be making me full of more piss and vinegar. perhaps that’s a good thing (though i’m not sure erinn or my staff or my friends will agree)
i, however, feel better already.

tonight my prayer is not about me for a change. i pray for shalom in toronto, in canada, and in the world.
your kingdom come, on earth as it is in heaven

2 thoughts on “june 26. 3 days post liberation”

  1. I don't think that endurance comes in a day (or even three); it needs to be built up over time. However, I'm excited that you're feeling the extra blood and oxygen flowing through the body. Now that you're feeling stronger and your balance is improving, you will naturally become more active and the endurance will come back quick enough. You're a cyclist, so you know all this. Would be very cool to run a marathon with you next year… although I'd need to talk you into running trails.

    Keep improving! Very happy for you!


  2. Glad to learn you are progressing well.
    Your observations concerning the protest in Toronto are right on. It is troubling to those of us who have lived in this City for years and have not seen this kind of violence before.
    But the city has looked like a fortress for more than a week now and one wonders if the walls haven't provoked their own response. That and the regrettable fact that some have come not with protest but vandalism on their minds.
    We are praying for peace today, the kind of peace that substantiates those advocating for the poor…

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