On Riding My Wheelchair on the Street. Rant 2 (of 4)

So February continues to show its nastiness. We’ve had some not terribly significant snow but enough to be a pain in the derrière for me. And then this latest batch was followed by some -20 weather to make sure everything was frozen solid, just so February could finish being a pain by kicking me in the teeth.
But in no way am I going to let it lock me indoors. I can be a stubborn bugger, in case those around me don’t already know that:) But going outside does require me to ride my wheelchair along the streets and not the sidewalks.
Why? Well I’ve got some pictures to outline why. So those people driving by me who feel the need to put down their window and yell ‘get off the road‘ can stick it where the sun doesn’t shine:)

In reality, those of us in wheelchairs, and even those pushing strollers, don’t have much of a choice but to ride along the streets. I don’t tend to mind it because I like living dangerously at times, but it IS dangerous, especially if you’re pushing an infant in a stroller.
(I don’t highly recommend that)

So as I wheeled myself home from church today, I got stuck in snow trying to get up on the sidewalk in front of my house. So I needed the help of a passerby to stop his car and push me through the snow. I then experienced the polarity of being ticked off with February and grateful for kind people willing to give me a hand. Then I remembered that it is hard to stay in rant mode for too long.
It’s also not healthy for me or for anyone for that matter.

But having said that, I still do have a few more February rants in me yet…

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