Advent. Peace Sunday

Advent. Day 4 of 24
It’s the 2nd Sunday of Advent already.
Today we light the 2nd candle, which represents peace.
It’s Peace Sunday.
The Advent wreath is round to symbolize that God has no beginning or end.
God’s love, justice, and yes, peace are infinite.
They are all encompassing.
Ever present, everywhere, in every situation, all the time.

So why doesn’t it feel this way then?

The world is not at peace.
We are addicted to violence.
It’s depressing.
I’m sad, even though I worship a God of supposed never-ending joy

We still think that;
and Walls
Fix things.

But they don’t.
They just make things worse.
And yet we keep doing the same things over and over again
expecting different results.

Advent asks us to imagine and work towards a different way.
A peaceful way.
Imagine a world without guns or tanks or bombs or jails or walls.
Imagine a world where no one was afraid.
A world where no one lived in fear based on his or her skin colour
Or religion
Or sexual orientation
Or disability
Or gender
Or country of origin

Imagine a world where swords are turned into plowshares
Lions and lambs lay down to rest together
where there were no wars
or even rumours of wars
Once and for all.

Just imagine!

Come Lord Jesus
Come quickly

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