Assassinations, Hostages, and Terrorism in Advent

Advent. Day 19 of 24

Today was another brutal day in the news.
The Russian ambassador to Turkey was shot dead; assassinated.
A video of a Canadian family held hostage by the Taliban was released for the world to see.
9 people were killed by a truck that ran them down while they were in a Christmas market in Berlin. The jury is out as to if it was some kind of attack.

There is so much to long for during this Advent season.
There is so much hate and fear and violence in the world.
Such brokenness.
Such disillusionment.
Such a seeming lack of love.
We are still waiting.
Still longing.
Still hoping.

Come Lord Jesus.
Come quickly.

2 thoughts on “Assassinations, Hostages, and Terrorism in Advent”

  1. Wonderful, Dion. Could you add me to the invite list for people who pray for the inner city? I may not be able to make it all the time but I’d love to come on occasion.

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