Corruption, Politics, Leadership, and Advent

Advent.Day 20 of 24
So close now.

Yesterday the U.S. electoral college rubber stamped the pending leadership of the next president.
Imagine a world where there were never any concerns about whether or not leaders were honest.
Imagine a day without any talk of corrupt politicians.
Consider a day when 1000’s of citizens didn’t feel the need to hit the streets all over the world, including Canada and the U.S., to protest the government not looking after everyone’s best interests.
Imagine a world where we automatically assumed that all politicians, leaders, preachers, teachers, cops, judges, social workers, and lawyers were doing their jobs with 100% integrity.
Imagine no one could be bought or bribed.

This Advent season we wait and long for the one who does not cling to His divine power.
The one who refuses to;
turn stones into bread,
jump from great heights,
rule with great power,
or bend the knee to evil.

We’re still waiting.

Come Lord Jesus
Come quickly

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