Day 222 away from home…

Just a wee update as to where things stand at this point. It’s been 252 days away from home. My house is still being destroyed and put back together. I see my family most days but still not enough. I am physically doing OK. Emotionally it is up-and-down of course but overall I’m doing fairly well. I think that’s it in a nutshell.

Today is one of those up and down days I guess. It is Cate‘s first day of grade 11. It’s the first time I’ve never been there to wish her off on her first day of school. That was admittedly tough. Erinn was thoughtful enough to take a picture and send it to me right away so that I could feel at least a little bit like I’m there. That helped.
A little…

The other day one of the people I am getting to know here at Bellwoods showed me her garden. She has been in a wheelchair for her entire life due to a disease that she was born with. She’s very smart and kind though sometimes people look down on her because they judge the disease and not the person.
But I digress…
The garden is designed to reach a person’s five senses, regardless of if they are physically disabled or not.

First off it is raised so that people who can’t get down to the ground can get their hands in the soil and feel the earth. To be connected to the ground physically is a massive thing that so many of us take for granted. Then the garden is filled with vegetable plants such as tomatoes and herbs so that people can see and smell and touch the wonder of creation. I personally like touching herbs and then smelling my fingers afterwards. I know that’s kind of weird but I like it.
When harvest time comes people will be able to eat/taste these amazing products of the earth.
As far as hearing goes, I am not yet at the place where I can actually hear a tree or plant speaking to me literally, but I certainly feel as though I am hearing a message from plants that they too are part of God’s creation and deserve to be treated as such.

This garden on this first day of school is creating calmness for me. The earth has a way of, well, bringing me back to earth. My Cate is in good hands. She has amazing friends. She loves her school. She is a really good human being. And she loves her mom and me, her dad.
Plus, I get to have dinner with the girls to hear all about the day!

On this day, that is enough for me.

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  1. Hi Dion, It’s really the afterwards part of the first day of school. that is the best. The details of the first day.
    The garden sounds lovely. What a wise woman.
    Have a good day.

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