Happy Almost Birthday to Me

I’m here today at what I have come to affectionately refer to as the ‘secret garden’. It’s kind of a rooftop garden that almost no one knows about, on the floor of the hospital that my mother-in-law lived in for around a decade. I come here as often as I can to eat my lunch and to enjoy the fresh air in relative quiet. I like it here as it makes me feel close to her as well as my family in general.
Today I was reflecting on the visit I just had from my mom and two sisters. I will turn 50 at the end of November but, because snow could be flying by then, they flew here from Newfoundland to celebrate my birthday a little early.
I was so very grateful for them being here. It meant so much to me.

And boy did I eat!

One day we had a full on birthday party which included a visit to one of my favourite restaurants followed by a giant birthday cake made by my cousin. We also had loot bags, lucky plates, napkins and cups.
So much fun.
The next day we had a bit of a little worship service in our living room in the morning. We sang some of our favourite hymns and then listened to Cate and Erinn play some lovely tunes for us as well. Then my mom and sisters made a full on Newfoundland ‘cooked dinner’ for me for supper. This included salt meat which, if you don’t know what that is, I can’t even remotely explain it except to say it is unbelievably delicious. It also instantly transports a person’s soul back to the rock.
It’s been a week now since they left. Yesterday for dinner we had ground beef and macaroni made by my daughter. Don’t get me wrong; that was really good. But I was reminded that exactly one week before that I was eating a scrumptious and rare Newfoundland cooked dinner with my mom and sisters.
And I realized how much I love and miss them.
Which then once again lead me to a place of gratitude. I feel lucky/blessed to have family in my life that I love and who love me back. I absolutely know that that’s not the case for everyone.
And I don’t take that for granted; not for a second.
So, even though I am in a wheelchair and things can be difficult at times, I once again find myself extremely thankful.

Regarding turning 50 at the end of November, that still leaves you all lots of time to buy me a present!

And no, I am not above asking for gifts.

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