Random COVID-19 Thoughts (2)

Well here are a few more random COVID thoughts through this time of isolation;

- Yesterday at virtual church our pastor asked us to think of ways in which God has revealed God’s self to us in this time. In thinking about it I realized that my senses of taste and smell have been heightened. Cate has been cooking and baking. She has made things like cookies, scones, a pie, crepes, and Irish soda bread (I bought the soda bread ingredients from my favourite local diner).

Here is a pic of Cate’s soda bread.

It’s these wonderful smells in our home, and of course the tastes, that have reminded me that the Creator can be revealed in these wonderful yet every day things.

And even though our denomination is doing a fast from the Eucharist during this time, I find that breaking bread with my family over a meal, being reminded of the bread of life, is an amazing way to experience the presence of Christ among us.

- Even though during this time there has been so much death all around us, there is new life spreading around us too. There are tulips popping up everywhere and trees budding and green grass everywhere. And our street seems to be lined with magnolia trees which are blooming right now, and again are reminding me that there is always new life even when we think there is only death.

- Even in the midst of COVID, a new store opened up in our neighborhood. It is a booster juice. We went there the other day for some smoothies and I recognized how pathetic their attempt at making the place accessible was. They have power door openers but a stoop that is about 6 to 8 inches high, making it impossible to get into on a wheelchair of course. I guess COVID isn’t teaching us every lesson we need as of yet…

- i’ve been sitting in the park down the street from our house. That’s where I am now actually. I have found a beautiful spot looking out at the trees and the grass and sky. Sometimes I tilt my chair all the way back and just lie there looking up at the sky and trees. Sometimes I end up praying in that position. The other day I saw the moon up in the sky in the middle of the day.

Just another moment of experiencing God‘s presence. It makes me think that prayer actually matters; that God is actually listening.

- Speaking of prayer actually mattering, 31 people who were homeless got housed this week. The sceptic in me thinks that it wouldn’t have happened if it were not for COVID shaming the city into this. But whatever the rationale, this is a huge victory for so many people who were, up until now, sleeping outside in tents.

As Erinn and I were out for a walk the other day discussing this, we saw this prayer written by a child on the sidewalk.

I think in the midst of COVID, this prayer is being answered in some powerful ways.

I don’t think I need to say anything more than that.

2 thoughts on “Random COVID-19 Thoughts (2)”

  1. Hi Dion,

    I wrote an article for The Disability and Faith Forum recently about Spiritual Practices During a Time of Crisis and Isolation. I drew on my experience as a person with chronic illness and disability to offer some ideas that might be helpful to others in this time of staying home. I linked to your blog as a relevant, instructive and encouraging voice that people could follow. I thought I should let you know. You can read the whole thing here: https://disabilityandfaith.org/spiritual-practices-in-a-time-of-crisis-and-solitude/

    I was also invited to speak to my church through Zoom last week about Living within Limitations – we spoke about how living with restrictions may be new to many right now, but that many people with disabilities have been familiar with limited access to the world for a long time. Again I encouraged people to seek out disabled voices as a guide through this time, and again I mentioned you and your blog.

    I just thought you’d like to know that this blog of yours is appreciated and important. Thank you for being real and for sharing what you’re learning with the rest of us.


    p.s. If you’d ever like to submit something for the Disability and Faith Forum (disabilityandfaith.org) we’d be more than happy to publish a guest post.

    1. Hi Jasmine,
      I’m so thankful to hear from someone who knows a thing or two about living with a disability.
      And thank-you for linking to my blog. That means a lot.
      I’d love to submit to the forum. When and where?
      Much peace

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