Advent. Day 23 of 24

“The United States must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes”
Said the asinine tweet from the incoming president elect.

Imagine a King whose message doesn’t originate from being a TV star
but from a bright shining star in the sky guiding the way
Not from a twitter account
but from an angel bringing a message of hope and peace

Imagine a King that isn’t in a penthouse suite
but amongst the people
the poor and broken
the marginalized
the war-torn
the despised and rejected
the sick and disabled

Here’s the most amazing song by Gregory Porter about the King.

Imagine a day when love overcomes evil
in every situation
A day when love is so all consuming
that all death-dealing weapons and attitudes were finally melted down
and turned into life-giving activities, toys, and farm tools.

Imagine a day when all children all over the world
had homes, enough food to eat, and felt safe and loved,
instead of being afraid of bombs and bullying

Just imagine!!!

Come Lord Jesus,
Come quickly.

(with thanks to my friends and heroes Brian Walsh and Shanta Premawardhana for the inspiration)

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