199 Days Away from Home

I’ve been thinking this picture on the top left is a fairly good way to reflect on my life. (I bugged A dude walking by me with his dog to take my pic for perspective)

It’s Sunday morning and I am way at the back of the building that I am currently residing in. I often like to get back here because It’s quite secluded and I sometimes want to be outside but not feeling up to chatting with my building mates who hang out in front of the building. It also has a nice breeze that I feel no matter which way the wind is blowing.
I’m reading a book but then got to just staring at my surroundings. In many ways the things in front of me are images of my life.
First I see my feet on my wheelchair which will forever remind me that my fate in life is to be bound to this chair and not walking around or going for a bike ride like I would like to be doing.

Then there’s those powerlines which the picture doesn’t do justice to but are making loud sounds of electricity running through them. It is reminding me that there is just so much energy all around me that can’t be contained sometimes. I’d sure love to tap into it somehow.
Maybe I do…
Maybe we all do…

Then there’s those parking garages in front of me with tags graffitied all over them. They challenge me by reminding me that there are houses for cars even though so many people in this world don’t have homes for themselves. Also, On some level the tags make me feel at home by reminding me of where my heart is in the streets.

And finally there is that big giant tree in front of me. I suppose if I knew about trees I would know what kind of tree this was. But as I gaze on it in a form of meditation, I see two things. One is a tree that is reaching to the blue sky at any cost. The other is a tree that is heavy with its burden of the leaves and branches drooping towards the ground.
I kind of feel that way at times. I am doing what I can to reach to the purity of the blue skies above me but at the same time I feel weighed down with my own burdens and the burdens of the broken world.

I guess that’s the tension of life that we all have to live within.

Give me grace to be grateful for the many ways in which you continue to bless me
Give me strength to reach towards the blue sky amidst the many burdens of life trying to haul me down to the ground.

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  1. Hi Dion, Keep looking up my friend. Keep looking up to the maker of the trees. He’s got you just like He has the burdened down tree. The difference is that He tells us to give him our burdens. We may choose to take them back after a few minutes but He’ll remain beside us ready to receive them again for hopefully a little longer.

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