Holy Week Prayers-Holy Wednesday

“I looked for sympathy, but there was none; for comforters, and I found none.” (Psalm 69:21)

Holy God,
On this day we remember the betrayal by your good friend Judas,
We recognize how much that must have hurt you.

We remember today the hurts that we have sustained from our loved ones,
and the hurts that we have inflicted on those we love.

Help us to not stand in judgement of Judas this day,
but instead to put ourselves in his place.
We were the ones who betrayed you.
We are the ones who continue to betray you.
Yet you loved us unconditionally,
even to the point of death in the most painful, humiliating way.

Help us to tap into that love,
that strength,
that patience,
so that we can share it with others regardless of the cost.


3 thoughts on “Holy Week Prayers-Holy Wednesday”

  1. I never thought not to judge Judas. I’m thinking it’s a relevant and logical idea as followers of Christ who came in part to alleviate judgement so we could see what real love is. Hmmmm, no judgment, that is love. Xx

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