I’m in the hospital. MS has kicked my ass.

Well I’m into my third week of being hospitalized now. I’m not gonna lie, it’s really sucked.
I could feel it happening through the month of December. I was simply getting more and more tired and unable to do the things I could normally do. I was falling and needing help getting up. And finally I just simply couldn’t find the strength to get out of bed, so Erinn needed to call the ambulance. I have different theories as to why that happened but at the end of the day the reality is I’m in the hospital.

I spent two weeks at Toronto East General and then on Thursday was transferred to Bridgeport to their rehab facility. I gotta say, even though being in the hospital still sucks, this place is like night and day compared to where I’ve been. I’ve got windows everywhere, I can see daylight, the food is about a million times better, and every morning they are dressing me and getting me up in my wheelchair so I can scout around The building. Being out of a hospital gown makes me feel like a real human being for a change.

I’m doing occupational and physical therapy three times a week. They’ve already noticed that I’m getting stronger, even though I am on what day call the slow track which could last up to three months.
There are a few upsides to this. One of them is that when I am not doing therapy I can get dressed and go outside. I might even be able to go out for dinner with Erinn and Cate once in a while and possibly even get out to my church hopefully. Even though one of my main views is of the old Don Jail, this place feels anything but like a prison.

The other upside is that I can be here getting stronger while my house gets the necessary renovations to help me live in it once I get back home. We’ve only just begun to think about what that could look like but have had amazing help from good friends with engineering and design experience. I am so incredibly thankful for that.
I have felt so loved by a cloud of witnesses. It seems like thousands of people are offering prayers and positive thoughts for me and Erinn and Cate. I couldn’t possibly say how much that means to us.

In the first few days of being hospitalized I have to confess those were really dark times for me. Erinn asked me one day if I was praying, and after thinking about it I had to admit that I was not. I was simply unable to. I could not see nor feel God. So having so many people lift me up on my behalf was so very hopeful and helpful at that time.

As for practical help, I have not known what exactly to say. Until now that is.
We have been told by our engineer friend that this renovation will cost six figures. We need to put an accessible bedroom and bathroom on our main floor and get a hospital bed along with some kind of lift. So here I go again sharing a financial need.
Go fund me is an interesting idea but at the end of the day a significant percentage of donations gets taken. So we’ve been trying to figure out a better system.
Some have just emailed me money. If you trust that system, that will work.
[email protected]
Otherwise I think someone out there is trying to set something up for us. I have no idea what that looks like but will keep you posted.

I am now hopeful that after my time here I will be able to regain some kind of quality of life. Again, that is a big change from when I was first hospitalized, for which I am thankful for.

Even though I’d trade MS for all of this without a 2nd thought, I am thankful.
I am thankful for my wife and daughter who have come every single day.
I am thankful for my two sisters in Newfoundland who would do anything for me and my parents who love me.
I am thankful for my many, many friends.
I am thankful for my church family.
I am thankful for my work and my colleagues who come to visit me regularly.
And I am thankful for my faith in my God.

So on that note, I guess it could be a whole lot worse…

7 thoughts on “I’m in the hospital. MS has kicked my ass.”

  1. Your words are both an encouragement & a blessing. To think that sometimes I have the audacity to take the life I have for granted – then I see you or read one of your blogs and am smacked into reality & thankfulness. The Lord continues to use you to challenge us – thank you!

    Be assured of continued thoughts & prayers!

  2. I pray for you often and can only imagine the struggle. You always bless me with your amazing attitude and outlook on life – That is a real gift that you have! (btw, check your facebook messenger, I sent you a pm. ) God bless you

  3. Dear friend- you Have amazing courage. You inspire as only you can. My heart and my prayers are with you always.


  4. Hey Dion, Thanks for the e-mail alert directing me to this/your most recent blog post. I shot you an e-mail note back, and wanted to let you know that… But am also happy to join in and replying along with other friends/loved ones to send my love and prayers to you and Erinn and Cate. – Keeping you close to my heart/in my prayers, Phil

  5. Dion….tnx for sharing about your struggles. You are such an inspiration in always finding something positive to say…may your revovery continue and your home become all that you need. Blessings ❤

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