Where Things Stand. Day 44 of being in hospital

Well the world keeps on spinning.
One of the things I’ve grown to take perhaps a tad sadistic glee doing while my world has ground to a virtual halt is to look out at the highway during rush hour and secretly enjoy watching a zillion people stuck in traffic trying to get somewhere but getting nowhere; fast.
Not that I ever needed to be on any highways on a regular basis during ‘regular’ life, but still I find myself being thankful during those rush hour times to not be a participant in the rat race.
It’s the little things…
But I digress.

My body took a major hit in January. That’s why I’m here. I’m not dying (well I guess we’re all dying but you know what I mean). If you saw me you may think he’s the same guy that looks like he always did.
But the reality is, I can no longer do things that I could much more easily do just few months back. I’m getting used to yet another new MS normal.
So the whole point of my rehab is to make this new normal as good as possible for not just me but Erinn and Cate too.
This was quite a bittersweet week on that front.
A huge part of my rehab is to teach me how to transfer from one devise to another. A big part of that is helping me rebuild some leg strength so that I can bear my own weight. So some highlights this past week on that front;
-I got outta my bed using my grab pole. That was the first time I didn’t need to be lifted out in over a month. Then I used the pole to transfer to my wheelchair and to my scooter and my bed again. It wasn’t perfect but a great start.
-I walked a length of the parallel poles
-I used a funky machine to help me stand without any concern of falling.

A bitter to grasp reality that hit home this week is that I need a power wheelchair. So I’ll be measured for one this coming Wednesday. I never dreamed I’d be ‘that guy in the chair’.
But I’m ok.

A wonderful unexpected and somewhat unrelated thing happened this week which I view as a gift from God. I got moved to a corner room with windows on 2 sides and a view of the lake as well as the entire skyline of Toronto. It’s beautiful.
I’m also feeling very loved and supported by so many people. Fundraisers are popping up to help us pay for our renos. And donations continue to come in too, often from unexpected places
Maybe these are small yet big ways that God is reminding me that even in the midst of struggle, God is beside me along the way…

I’ll end here with one of my Lenten status updates.

Today I’m thankful for the things that have improved my life due to living with MS. Don’t get me wrong; MS sucks and I’d happily rid myself of it if the opportunity arose. But so many beautiful things have happened to me and my family because of it.
It has strengthened me.
It has brought me deeper intimacy with God, my family, my friends, the streets.
It has brought me to my knees when I wouldn’t have done so otherwise.
It has helped me learn to ‘receive’ and not just ‘give’.
It has humbled me in areas where I had pride.
It has shown me and my family just how much we are loved and supported by so many caring people.
MS has been a love/hate gift for which today I will choose to be thankful for.

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  1. Danielle Mackley

    Dion thanks for being so honest and sharing your life with us. It is a reminder that even though we all have struggles God is still God. You have shared vulnerabilities just as David did in scripture. In doing so you encourage us to keep our eyes up. We are praying for you and your family as your life takes you on this new journey. God bless

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